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Proprietary data model

Full asset class coverage. Adapted to cater client needs

LED Data Model uses international standards to allow investors to identify correctly each instrument. LED has worked directly with data sources contributors to apply instrument identification codes to every instrument traded in their platforms. Additionally, LED enriches the data with other identifiers and converts it into more widely-used industry conventions.

Instrument Identification

  • CFI Code (ISO 10962)

  • Financial Instrument Short Name (ISO 18774)

  • ISIN Code (ISO 6166)

Issuer Identification:

  • LEI Code (ISO 17442)

Market Identification:

  • MIC Code (ISO 10383)

Other identifiers:

  • Currency (ISO 4217)

  • Contry (ISO 3166)

  • Date (ISO 8601)


Industry Conventions:

  • FIX Protocol tags

  • Electronic Data Interchange for Financial Institutions (ISO 20022)

  • FIRDS tags convention

The LED Data Model has been designed to include all the information that any Capital Markets professional requires, in accordance with proven international standards and industry conventions. The information on Latin American capital markets is divergent and non-standardized, due to the different data sources (formats, fields, concepts, etc.) and the unique particularities of the different financial instruments traded. LED, thanks to our experts’ knowledge on these instruments and years of experience of our partners and contributors, has carefully designed a data model that captures all the specific features of the Latin American financial markets and adapts the output to the needs and current best practices of international investors.

greafic system 3_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

LED is a platform that integrates Capital Markets information (Reference Data, Closing Prices and Corporate Actions) from Latin American sources. The data integration process involves cleansing erroneous data, enriching it with other relevant information, and standardizing it in accordance with international standards and industry conventions, in order to be completely usable and operable by the financial community.


After the data is fully integrated, LED disseminates it to your organization through the LED Data Products, designed for you to receive the information you are interested in. LED’s customer service team will solve any inquiry regarding the data and will solve any issues directly with contributors.


Moreover, the platform is designed to integrate information from any additional source and easily adapt it to the LED Data Model, including clients’ proprietary data.

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