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Latin American Financial Data

Standardized data of Latin American financial markets

The information on Capital Markets of Latin-American countries is multiform, heterogenous, and in many cases, difficult and expensive to obtain. Varying jurisdictions and complex market structures prevent all international investors from a clear view of the behaviors and characteristics of the Capital Markets of any country in the region. Additionally, institutional investors and international data vendors are required to formalize complicated agreements with each source of data, with rising financial costs for information integration as each source gets varied data with its own unique formats and structures.

If bureaucratic or technical issues arise, investors then depend on separate departments of each individual source to effectively solve it.


LED is an innovative partnership created to solve the problems of international investors, offering the possibility of obtaining all the information pertaining to Latin American Capital Markets in a proven and standardized format (LED Data Model).


LED also grants investors one agreement under US law that covers all of Latin American countries, as well as providing an integrated customer service regarding any inquiries or interests about our solutions and information.

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