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Customer Services

Chocar los cinco
Multilingual Customer Support

Experienced team with knowledge of local markets


LED’s Client Support is a specialized team made up of market data experts with an extensive knowledge of the particulars of Latin American Capital Markets. This exceptional team will assist investors with any inquiry they may have, whether about technical support or financial information about the products we provide. Additionally, LED is in direct contact with the market data teams of our contributors, in order to deliver a rapid and quality client support service for all of our clients.

The Client Support team have a state-of-the-art software solution that allows them to accurately check all the data processes: consolidation, cleansing and integration of data, delivery of  information, case management and inquiry resolutions. LED professionals are able to interact with its customers in real time, effectively and quickly solving problems.

The Client Support Service can be contacted any time via e-mail or through a toll-free telephone number.

End of day prices
Value & Innovation

Standardized data of Latin American financial markets

Our clients will benefit from one legal agreement under USA law that binds all data sources and countries covered in Latin America.

LED provides a high quality, timely and reliable information in a single format under a world class data model.

LED delivers its solutions using a robust and high security infrastructure technology (high availability, disaster recovery and contingency sites).

LED grants our clients a clear roadmap of releases and continuous innovations and addition of new data sources which will not represent any additional costs.

LED set of solutions has been designed to integrate data from any additional source, including clients' own proprietary information, providing flexibility in attending any of our customers new

LED offers a full FREE TRIAL to always test our state-of-the-art solutions. No strings attached.

Corporae actions
Financial Data Model

LED Data Model uses international standards to allow investors to identify correctly each instrument. LED has worked directly with data sources contributors to apply instrument identification codes to every instrument traded in their platforms. Additionally, LED enriches the data with other identifiers and converts it into more widely-used industry conventions.

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