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About Us

who we are

A platform that integrates all the Latin America relevant financial information

Who We Are

LED is a joint venture between BME (Bolsas y Mercados Españoles) and BMV (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores) whose purpose is to promote an international partnership of Latin America Stock Exchanges aimed at integrating, improving, and consolidating market data generated by the most relevant Capital Markets players within the Latin American financial sphere across all asset classes.

Our Solution

An optimized data integration of all of the Latin America relevant financial information in a world-class proprietary Data Model, in accordance with international Capital Markets standards and other industry conventions. LED has a seamless process for cleansing, enriching, and optimizing all the data received from multiple sources and produce integrated relevant information to be completely usable and operable by the financial community. The platform has been designed to integrate data from any additional source, including clients’ own proprietary information, and easily adapt it to the LED Data Model.

Our solution

Our Mission

To be the leading source of integrated, clean and standardized information of Capital & Financial Markets pertaining to all countries of Latin America.

Our mission

Why LED?

LED is not a market data vendor.


The strength of the solution is the commitment of the members of the partnership which gives LED management leverage on data sources to improve data quality and include new data contents

  • Ability to deal commercially, operationally and legally with one provider and one contract under US law.

  • High quality, timely and reliable information in a single best practice and standardized format.

  • Clear roadmap of releases of information through the year.

  • Solid infrastructure (main, disaster recovery and contingency sites) and high security standards.

  • Dedicated multilingual customer support team with expertise in the Latin America Capital Markets.

  • World-class data processing platform capable of integrating client proprietary and external data on demand.

  • Capability to outsource data quality control, validation and consolidation process for all of the Latin America Capital Markets information.

  • Continuous innovations and addition of new data sources under the LED Data Model.

  • Option to tryout our data solutions for FREE without any hassle or pressure to buy.

Why Led




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